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Grades of Metal


Sheet Iron: Appliances, Steel Sheeting, Other Light Steel

Cars: Whole and Parts of Automobiles

Unprepared #1: Heavy Steel that is over 3 Feet in Length, May or May not be Contaminated with other Metals and/or Other Materials

Prepared #1: Heavy, Uncontaminated Steel Under 3 Feet in Length

Prepared Plate and Structural: Heavy Steel Plates and I Beams Under 3 Feet in Length

Cast Iron: Whole or Broken Cast Iron

Machinery Cast: Whole or Broken Cast Iron Used in Heavy Machinery (Presses, Large Machinery, etc.)

Motor Cast: Whole are Parts of Automotive and Truck Engines

Drums/Rotors: Uncontaminated Drums and/or Rotors from Cars or Trucks

Turnings: Turnings or Shavings from Machine Shop Operations

Mixed: Any of the above Mixed Together and Needs Separated


Sheet/Miscellaneous: Aluminum with Light Plastic, Steel, Or Other Light Contamination

Painted Siding: Clean Aluminum Siding, Spouting, or Roofing Material

Extrusions/Clip: Clean Aluminum Extrusions, Plate, Or other Material Clean of Plastics, Iron, or Other Contaminants

Cans: Used Aluminum Beverage Cans Not Mixed with Other Items

Automotive Wheels: Aluminum Wheels from Automobiles, Must be Separated from Tire

Cast: Clean Aluminum Made from a Casting

Turnings: Turnings or Shavings from Machine Shop Operations

Insulated Aluminum Wire: Aluminum Wire with a rubber coating


#1 Copper: Bare Copper (Pipe, Wire, Etc.) with little to no corrosion, no solder, no paint, no rubber coating – wire must be pencil lead thick or bigger

#2 Copper: Copper (Pipe, Wire, Etc.) with moderate corrosion, paint, and or solder, no rubber coating

#3 Copper: Copper Siding or Sheeting or copper with heavy corrosion, no rubber coating

#1 Insulated Copper Wire: Copper Wire with Rubber Insulation, Recovery 70% or greater

#2 Insulated Copper Wire: Copper Wire with Rubber Insulation, Recovery under 70%

Stainless Steel

Grade of Stainless Steel depends upon Specific Alloy.  Basic alloy is 304


Hard: Brass used with Heavy Machinery, Usually Gears, Wear-plates, Rods, etc.  Depends upon Alloy of Brass

Red/Semi-Red: Brass Typically Used with Valves. Depends upon Alloy of Brass

Yellow: Other Brass, (Pipe, Valves with Paint or Chrome, Decorations, Etc.) Depends upon Alloy of Brass


Bronze: Depends upon Alloy of Bronze

Tungsten Carbide: Tips and Drill Bits made of Tungsten Carbide

Electric Motors: Electric Motors with Copper Wire

Catalytic Converters: Whole Catalytic Converters:

Lead Batteries: Lead Batteries from Automobiles, Trucks, Tractors, Etc.

Steel Cased Lead Batteries: Lead Batteries Encased by Steel, Usually from Tow-motors, Forklifts, Etc.

If you have something other than the items listed above, please ask us for a quote as we do buy metals not listed above

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